Vegas Stripper University Unveils New Website


Vegas Tech Group is proud to announce the unveiling of Las Vegas Stripper Poles Dance Studio’s new website, website has been created to focus on promoting a new Interactive Show in Las Vegas which rivals that of Stripper 101.

Vegas Stripper University is the sexiest school in Las Vegas!  At Vegas Stripper University you will learn the hottest moves and the most popular “tricks of the trade” from real stripper professionals.

From lap dancing to pole dancing this interactive show will give you the skills you need to be your own personal seductress!

Every graduate earns a Stripper Diploma.  Learn sexy moves and real exotic dancer secrets.  Get a full body workout while bringing out your sexy side.  Great for all occasions!

Vegas Stripper University offers beginning and advanced levels.  All instruction taught by real Stripper Professors.

So grab your heels and let’s get SEXY!

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